Thursday, February 26, 2009

modified poly-800 mkII [number two]

This Poly-800 mkII features the same modifications as my previous Poly-800, but it also includes the 2/4-pole filter switch.

The 2-pole VCF output sounds wonderful. If Korg (25 years ago) had me helping to make their big decisions, I would definitely have argued that the filter output must be switchable between 12 and 24 dB/oct.. I also wish they'd added this option on the DW-8000.

My control layout and labeling were also improved on this Poly-800. Additionally, the external input can now be used regardless of the setting of any parameter when the 'Noise+EG3' switch is turned "off." This causes the third envelope to have no effect on the external input level. So, to solo the external input, parameters 17 and 27 (Osc. 1 and 2 levels) simply need to be turned down.

When using my EML101 (or the Axxe I'm modifying for a local customer) to generate triangular LFOs, random S/H, or even envelopes to control the Poly-800's filter, I realize how lively the it can really sound. It takes on a much more antiquated and nuanced character. I think the 800's modulation generator just doesn't sound as smooth as a real analog LFO.

Recently, Kate and I have recorded a lot of material using the Poly-800 for its abilities as a synthesizer, but also as an effect processor for guitars. It appears on some of the new hushes and briefscenes songs.

This Poly-800 mkII was sold on ebay. ..including that cool original case!
I wish I'd kept that!

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